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> TE> KU> btw: I thought about faq for the list.. What do you think
> TE> KU> about these paragraphs:
> TE>  0.      Warnings about the hazard nature of the devices
> TE>  1.      Tesla himself
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> I think the main headings are right on the button, really good.
> Do you think a specific heading for "Important formulas" (to
> calculate the main parameters) should be included ? Could this be
> handled by simply giving the lit. refs ?

Hi, I'm new to the list.  I'm a longtime follower of unusual physics, and
built my first TC in 8th grade (using an induction coil from an old GM
counter and, as usual, a flyback transformer.) My "biggest" coil as been a
large desktop version (but with a little bitty synchronous-motor-based 
rotary gap) which I built for a local photographer.  He's now making 
lightning photos by direct discharge across large glassplate color film.
I'm involved with local guys in Seattle who've build a large Magnifier,
but who aren't currently on email. 

Be warned, I'm also interested in crazy stuff like physical anomaly
reports, "free energy," gravity devices, psi phenomena, etc.  For a
sample, check out my Weird Science page on the WWW. 

I'm also maintaining a Tesla page at:

Does this group have a message archive anywhere?  Even if it's on FTP, I 
can put a pointer to it on my web page.

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