Circuit Breakers

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First off let me say that I am very jealous of your current
setup. It has been a couple of months now since I had my hands on
a live variac (where you can actually feel the tug on the wheel).
I am itching to get back to full blown arcs and sparks. January,
and the new house, can't come soon enough. I feel sorry for the
new neighbors when they find out who is invading their quiet
little suburban enclave... 

Your system sounds nothing less than incredible. I am unaware of
anybody who has coaxed so much performance, or pumped so much
power, through a six inch diameter secondary coil. This project
of your has certainly exceeded my most far fetched expectations
almost from the time you started building it.

Since I am posting this around (as you will find out), I did want
to recap briefly: Ed has built a Tesla system consisting of a
6.25 inch diameter secondary coil, approximately 26-29 inches
high, close wound with #22 magnet wire. The secondary is capped
with a massive 40 inch homemade toroid (I spelled it right Ed!)
The primary is a 15 turn inverted conical section ("saucer"
shaped) wound with 3/8 inch soft copper water pipe. The tank
circuit capacitor is a .025 microfarad, 15 kvac rms pulse rated
capacitor custom built by Condenser Products. Ed had previously
destroyed his two homemade polyethylene capacitors (paid his
dues) during high powered operation. He also paid his dues
breaking down a few neons in his quest for the ultimate spark
machine. The coil system is now powered by a 14.4 kv, 5 kva, two
bushing "pole pig" (power distribution transformer) wired in
reverse and ballasted with oven elements and an arc welder. Ed
has custom built his own high speed rotary spark gap. 
This is serious coiling.

Ed has reporting sparks well in excess of 65 inches, point to
point, limited only by the area in which the coil is fired. I
know of nobody else who has topped, or is topping, this
performance with a six inch coil. 

So Ed, I did have a purpose in posting this (you deserved every
word of the public praise), did you ever upgrade your circuit
breakers? What value breakers are you using?

Richard Quick

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