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I just got a call from Ryan Jester a little bit ago. Ryan is
operating a six inch diameter coil system with a neon power
supply rated at 720 VA (two paralleled 12 kv 30 ma neons).
Just a brief recap on the basic system parameters:

Secondary coil: 6.25 inches diameter, winding of about 26 inches
of close wound #22 AWG magnet wire.

Primary coil: 15 turns of 3/8 inch diameter soft copper tubing
wound as an inverse conical section. The angle of assent is 30
deg. from the inside turn to the outside turn and the coil is
tapped in the "sweet zone" between 12 and 15 turns.

Discharger: brand new 24 x 4 homemade toroid.

Ryan called to tell me that he had increased his discharge length
by 30% with no additional input power by placing the new toroid
on the coil and retuning. He is now hitting 3 to 3-1/2 feet
consistently with his coil still running at 720 VA!


Richard Quick

Ed Sonderman to Rodney Davies
I just read Richard Quick's discussion on toroid construction and thought I
would expound on how I made mine.
This first one was 14" in dia and about 4" thick.  I bought some styrofoam
rings at a craft store and taped them together with a 1/4" acrylic disc in
the middle then covered the whole thing with clear 2" wide shipping tape then
with the aluminum tape.  It looked good, was quite smooth and worked fine.
The second and third toroid was constructed with 5.0" dia corrugated plastic
drain pipe as Richard recommended.  My construction method was a little
different.  First I cut out a circle of 1/4" thick acrylic plastic with a
1/4" hole in the center for mounting to the secondary.  Then I cut some small
wooden blocks that the plastic disc would sit on for construction purposes.
 They are the correct height to allow the plastic disc to sit in the center
of the corrugated pipe.  Then I drilled 1/8" dia holes around the perimeter
of the disc.  Then I used waxed lacing cord to tie the corrugated pipe to the
disc.  When you get around to where the two ends meet you need to cut the
ends to fit.  Then I drilled holes in the ends and tied them together to make
a smooth joint.  If you allow extra tape to build up here you will get a high
spot and all the discharges will want to come off this one spot.  Then I
covered the whole thing with clear shipping tape and then with the aluminum
tape.  The first one is 33" in dia and the second one is 40" in dia.  Each
one took about 4 hours to make.  They look good and work great.
Ed Sonderman
... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
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