New Pole Transformer

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I picked up my transformer today from local utility company.  It says on the
nameplate: 14400/24940   120/240  5KVA.  It is made by Westinghouse and was
tested by the utility company.  It is a two bushing transformer.  With three
low voltage lugs all isolated from the case.

I am confused by the label.  I thought a 14400 was 14400v in and 240/120 out.
 What is the meaning of the 24940 number?

I paid $100.00 for this transformer - a good deal I think.  I have spent that
much already on neon sign transformers.

If I remember correctly, you said to leave the center of the safety spark gap
connected to main RF ground and to disconnect the ground from the two filter
caps so I just have the two filter caps in series with each other and
connected across the high voltage outputs from the transformer.  And also to
ground the case of the transformer to the main RF ground.  Do I have this

Now that I have a good power supply, and my commercial capacitor should be
here in about 4 weeks - can I damage my coil by applying too much power?

Let's talk spark gaps.  So far, I have only been using one cylindrical spark
gap (I have two) with seven 2.0" dia copper electrodes in it.  It has a 100
cfm fan and the gaps are about .030".  It fires with the variac at about 40
or 50% using a 12kv 120ma power supply.  I think I will need to use both
spark gaps in series but my experience says they will not fire until I get up
to about 80% on the variacs - and I want them to fire much earlier.  Do I
need to start thinking about a rotary gap?  Does anyone have any plans?  Is
it important to use a constant speed motor?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman