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TE>Hi fellow Tesla fans,

TE>Since I've had my coil running now for about a month, whenever we have
TE>friends or family over of course I am excited about showing them the new
TE>project.  They all think it's great and then invariably they ask - yea but
TE>what's it for?  I tell them what a great inventor Nikola Tesla was, what he
TE>did, etc, and tell them that I'm trying to duplicate some of his experiments

TE>it's my hobby, etc.  They all end up looking at me like I am crazy.

TE>Does everyone else have to put up with this?

Yes. :-))

Everyone wants to know if anything "has a definate use". Ask them
what use a painting is, or a wonderful piece of music. Coils are
much the same.

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

 * SLMR 2.1a * Digital circuits are made from analog parts.