square waves...

In response to sroys message...
I only played with the thing for about 20 minutes, so my "experience" is not
what you would call deep.  However, from what I have observed so far, there is 
a massive difference between the harmonic that I found at about 1KHz and the 
other mini resonances.  The scope showed an amplitude of about 1" peak to peak
for the main resonance, and about 1/4 to 1/2" for others.  As I worked through
the frequencies, my reactions were "hmmm there's something" to "wow!  That's a
big one!".  I hope I'm not getting too technical :-)  I plan on getting some
ground strap and some resistors today at lunch so I can try different 
configurations.  I haven't had the opportunity yet to try the scope/freq. gen.
on my working coil.  I'll let all know what happens when I do this.
BTW, I seem to recall that a square wave is the sum of all harmonics.