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 Te> Hi fellow Tesla fans,

 Te> Since I've had my coil running now for about a month, whenever we have
 Te> friends or family over of course I am excited about showing them the
 Te> new project.  They all think it's great and then invariably they ask -
 Te> yea but what's it for?  I tell them what a great inventor Nikola Tesla
 Te> was, what he did, etc, and tell them that I'm trying to duplicate some
 Te> of his experiments, it's my hobby, etc.  They all end up looking at me
 Te> like I am crazy. 
 Te> Does everyone else have to put up with this?

 Te> Ed Sonderman

 MG> I have to run Pandora in my driveway and I live on a fairly busy street,
     its not uncommon to have 3 or 4 cars pull over and stop, they won't
     get out of the car<G> but they do watch it. I had a car load of females
     stop one night and ask me what it was, I told them we used it to ward off
     evil sprits,........they could'nt get the foot on the gas peddle fast
     ........now if I could just get that damm cat that gets in my garbage.


... Alias, Mark the spark
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