Resistive load

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I gave you some bad information yesterday.  When I run the system with only
the resistive load (about 8000f watts)  the primary current is 25A, the
primary pig voltage is 110V max and the discharges are short (24") and weak.
 The spark gap and the coil are firing erratically.  When I connect the
welder back in the system at the lowest setting the primary current drops to
12A, the primary voltage is 125V and the discharges are much more powerful -
up to 36".  I guess what I am seeing is way overpowering the spark gap in the
first case and not quite as much in the second case, thus better performance.

BTW, when I get my rotary gap completed, will I be able to use it in series
with my existing cylindrical gap without any problems?  i.e. will the rotaty
quench properly and allow the cylindrical gap to work as it should?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman