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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> As I'm looking for motors for my rotary gap, what kind of    
 ES> horsepower rating do I need? Is 1/8 horsepower big enough? 

Bare minimum IMHO.

 ES> I am thinking that I want a universal or DC motor so I can   
 ES> control the speed.  Is this necessary - or just go with an   
 ES> AC motor that will turn at about 5,000 RPM? 

Not necessary, but variable speed is quite desirable.

 ES> I noticed something the other day, when I have the coil      
 ES> running with only the 8000 watt resistive load, I get less   
 ES> performance (shorter discharges and not as intense) that     
 ES> when I am using the resistive load in series with the        
 ES> welder.  This is at about the same current level also.  
 ES> Does this make any sense to you?

The inductive ballast stores up energy in the inductance. This
provides raw power for extra-ordinary strikes. The energy is
stored in the mass of copper and iron core of the arc welder.

Richard Quick

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