Re: Measuring Secondary Current

I have a problem.  I've got a Tesla Coil (rather poorly tuned, but that's 
beside the point) I put together with a 6kv 1.2ma (stop laughing) supply 
and a .0005mf 24kv cap with a 4" 4turn 12ga primary around a 3"dia 
600turn 27ga secondary.
It puts out about a 2 inch spark.. :)
My problem is that I want to put a 9kv neon sign transformer on it, but 
when I put it in, nothing resulted; my spark gap fired, but nothing came 
of of the terminal cap except a small spark like that which might come 
off of a 9-volt battery.  I am completely clueless as to what is wrong; 
I've tested the output of the transformer, verifying that it is 9kv.  
I've tried using the center-ground and just one of the hv outs on it, 
just using 4500v, but that doesn't work.  I then tried the two hv outs, 
ignoring the center - ground, using one hv out as gnd and the other as 9kv.
Any insight for me?

(BTW: my terminal cap is a copper toilet float.)

(alsoalsoBTW: I was lucky enough to find a 1991 ARRL hdbk at the local 
 library for $2.00 on the used books sale table..)

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