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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> Thanks for the discussion on current limiting.  I did go buy   
 ES> the big 240 volt variac. It is rated at 28 amps and looks      
 ES> like it could hadle 40 amps. It is so heavy I almost can't     
 ES> lift it and it is built in an aluminum frame.  

Sounds like the coilier's favorite: "Powerstat" by Superior Electric
These are the best. Superior made two models in the same frame, a 28 
amp and a 30 amp. Both can be ganged on the same shaft. Wired in para-
llel, you can keep adding variacs for additional power until you run 
out of room. 

BTW, the ratings are conservative on this industrial grade equipment.
I have run 60 amps through these same powerstats for three minutes 
before the core began to warm. I know a coiler out east who mounted
one in a "wind tunnel" to cool it down. He regularly runs the variac
at 100% over the plate rating for periods from 5 - 8 minutes. 

Also, these are set up for 240 volt input. By using the proper tap for 
your power out, you will find these variacs will deliver up to 17% over 
the input line voltage. That's a nice little bump up if you are dealing 
with voltage drops else where.

 ES> I paid $100.00 for it. I've never seen one this big for sale new 
 ES> or used so I had to get it.  Did I pay too much?

I paid $150.00 each for mine years ago. I bought two and looked over my
shoulder as I left the surplus store hoping they would not notice the 
mistake (they were brand new). The book value of surplus units in good
condition is $279.50.

 ES> I will take the arc welder home tonight and give it a try.  
 ES> I'll keep you posted.

Now this is getting interesting!

Richard Quick

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