Transformer purchase

cc: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


The pole transformer I bought came from the local utility company.  I know a
guy who retired from there and he gave me a name to call.  The person I
talked to works in Investment Recovery - mostly dealing with selling used
equipment and scrap copper and steel.  They had to test if for PCB
contamination and I had to sign waivers before I could buy it.  They actually
had two of these ready for me.  I thought they could not find 14400s so I
ordered two 7620s.  When I went to pick them up I discovered they were 14400s
which is what I wanted in the first place so I only bought one.  I know they
have another one sitting on the dock right now.  Let me know if you want this
guy's name and phone number.

Ed Sonderman