More on breakdown in thin films

Just another little tidbit.

	I found some information on the breakdown voltages of sputtered 
thin films of SiO2 (Quartz) used in the semiconductor industry. THey easily 
get 10,000 volts/mil (YES, that's TEN_THOUSAND!!!) for thicknesses of 
around a micron. That's 10 times the "bulk" breakdown for almost anything.

	Also, with diminished thickness, they seem not to have so many 
problems with the frequency dependence of the breakdown. The FET's in your 
100Mhz Pentium withstand huge breakdown fields at dc-100Mhz.

	I want to make a test cap made from series stacks of thin film caps 
to see if this has any real potential, but I don't have a coil to test it 
on. Anybody know of somebody with a coil in central Ohio or Kentucky?