EM CNS effects

> Tesla also mentioned the idea of using EM fields to alter moods,
>specifically suggesting using them to stimulate students in school. I
>find this very intriguing, yet I have been looking everywhere for a
>demonstration of this effect. At this point, I am baffled by the apparent
>lack of effects of electrical fields on the nervous system. After all,
>doesn't electricity play as big a part in sensation as chemistry? Why
>should narcotics affect the nervous system so powerfully, yet there is no
>electrical counterpart to this type of phenomenon?

He may have been refering to the mood elevating effect of ozone.
Or perhaps he observed real effects due to EM fields.  In reading books
about him, he seems to have often stated that he was greatly
invigorated by connecting himself to sources of high potential and
even said once that he charged himself up daily and this accounted
for his great vigor in the pursuit of his inventions.  It might
have been part of the marketing hype in his promotion of his lab
though.  Or it might have been psychological.

  I've often wondered why EM fields don't affect thought.  I've tried
placing small magnets near my head with no perceptable effect.  It
doesn't seem very desirable for thought to be subject to EM fields
since this would make us all quite vulnerable.  A possible explanation
might be that stimulating electrical signals in the brain isn't enough,
that you have to trigger the neurotransmitters also.  Maybe if you
sent in pulses of the same duration and magnitude as those carried
by the neurons?  The orientation of the neurons is probably random
though so you couldn't be very selective about which ones you
triggered.  And thinking about it, perhaps this randomness is
used by the brain in the same way noise can be cancelled with a
differential amplifier, so that it can ignore extraneous signals.

  The only signicant effects that I've heard of were reported by
some people who were working with very high power magnets and one
person accidentally had their head near the poles when the magnet
was turned on.  He reported that his mind went blank for a short
while, and then went completely back to normal with no aftereffects
when the magnet was turned off.
Has anyone else heard of people experiencing unusual effects near
high voltage/high current/high field conditions?


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