Re: Q, Gaps, Etc

> 	Wotsa multitube gap?

A multitube gap is a multiple series gap made from a bunch of copper 
tubes maybe 3/4" diameter and a couple of inches long.  The tubes are 
mounted parallel to each other and spaced a few thousandths of an 
inch apart.  When hooked up, the spark will jump between the pipes 
just like a regular multiple series gap made with ball bearings or 
whatever, but the parallel tubes give a much larger area for the spark to 
occurr over, making it easier to quench it and keep the gaps cool.  I've 
heard that if you quench the sparks with a high-speed air flow, these 
gaps work as well or better than rotary gaps for non-magnifier type 
coils up to a few kilowatts.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)