Date: 06-01-94  17:15
  From: Richard Quick                 
    To: Bruce Ratcliffe               
  Subj: electronics project ideas
 AS| Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could find
 AS| plans or a book on building a small tesla coil? ...
 AS| (not a) monster, just a small scale coil that would make a
 AS| good summer project.

DH> Hi Andrew - I don't know of any books that give hands-on
DH> construction plans but there are several people here who
DH> are active. I friend of mine is building a "tabletop" coil
DH> 3" diameter, 12" long...

DH> You will need to collect some neon sign transformers
DH> (12-15Kv), build a spark gap, put together a capacitor and
DH> wind the primary and secondary coil.

I just passed this along if you are interested.


  Date: 06-03-94  17:52
  From: Richard Quick          
    To: Andrew Sempere          
  Subj: 10KVA Tesla Coil
You were posting this to Blair Groves, but I finally succumbed..

 AS> (hence the burning of fossil fuels that destroy the ozone
 AS> layer)