Power Factor Correction

>Do you use the caps in parallel to nullify the inductance?
	Yup.  (You are, so to speak, resonating the transfomer on the line side)

>If so, then I guess one way to do this would be to look at the current and
>the voltage going into your (neon sign) transformer and adjust the capacitance
>so there is no current lag or lead compared to the voltage??
	Yup.  Or minimizing it.

>What other ways are there to check this that don't need a dual trace
>oscilloscope and a current probe?
	One could cut and try into it if one had an AC Ammeter.  PF will be
	correceted when current is _minimum_.  But, franly, for a neon sign
	size coil, i would not bother.  I would put the time/money into
	the gap, i think, or other places...

	Maybe for a "pole pig" size coil.