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 NT(A> T(A> Message-ID: <9411231530.AA07237-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com>

 NT(A> Subject: FAQ

 NT(A> Greetings,

 NT(A> Well, it appears that an FAQ would be appreciated and helpful.

 NT(A> What topics would people like to see in it?  Possible subjects 
 NT(A> could be sources of info/materials, design procedures, useful
 NT(A> equations, how to use/join this mailing list, TCBA issues.  I am open
 NT(A> to comments and  contributions are more than welcome.

 NT(A> Chip

 I think its a good idea, but putting on TCBA issues might pose a problem
 with Harry Goldman, better check first.
 What ever happened with the user list?


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