Packet: TYRELL
Date: 05-03-94 (06:29)             Number: 0
From: CSHIELDS                     Refer#: 13
  To: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com      Recvd: NO (PVT)
Subj: Epoxy                          Conf: (0) Email

T>>~Does anyone know if epoxy is suitable for covering secondary wires and
T>>~coil forms?  I have a bunch of it and if I can use it for a new
T>>~secondary I won't have to buy some poly urethane.


        On one of the TCBOR video reports, some guys were using a two
part epoxy to cover their secondary coil.  The stuff came in two pint
bottles for about $20.  They put it on thick, rotating the coil the
entire time, then let it sit for a day, then put more on for a total of
about 3/32" thickness over the top of the windings. Sounds like that
might work pretty good.

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