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Packet: TYRELL
Date: 05-06-94 (17:46)             Number: 0
From: CSHIELDS                     Refer#: 2
  To: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com      Recvd: NO (PVT)
Subj: Quack Medical Tesla Coil       Conf: (0) Email

T>>~I have heard that the old HV television "doorknob" capacitors
T>>~might work.  Any help or source would be appreciated.

O E Technologies
Box 703
La Madera, New Mexico 87539

This place has HV "doorknob" capacitors that might be what you are
looking for.  Finding the right value will be the trick.  Also, send a
letter to the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond.  Some of the members
there have experience with these "quack" medical devices.

Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond
Richard Hull
7103 Hermitage Rd
Richmond, VA 23228

T>>~I really need to get this working.  This device has a gas filled tube
T>>~on the end of a wire that glows when working.

Sounds really cool.  Keep me posted!

T>>~Also, the wire has decayed.  It was a rubber HV wire inside of
T>>~a cloth covering.  Any Ideas on this?  I have some line cord
T>>~that is cloth covered but I think 10s of KVs will probably be

Probably just replace that with some modern HV wire.  You could just
save the cloth covering for appearances.

Craig Shields     cshields-at-tyrell-dot-net
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