Glass & Foil Capacitor

Russ, I thought you wanted to keep the Medical Quackery unit mint.  If not,
you could scrounge a TV doorknob HV capacitor.  It seems that they are
about .00047 or so. You could use several in parallel.  They are at least
20kv.  Have you tried measuring the leaky unit you have?  If you measure
it at a low voltage you may be able to compensate for the "D" dissipation
loss from the breakdown carbon tracking and come up with a C value.
You ever been to the medical quackery museum in St. Louis, MO?  I have
some sort of muscle exercise unit that applies a variable pulse
width/variable frequency shock to electrodes attached to the legs, arms and
back. It seems like something that might keep me awake at work. Believe it or
not it has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval! 

Does your server support the Internet "talk" mode?


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