Re: series & stuff

> Are the transformers wired in series, parallel, series and parallel?
> How is the phasing of the different transformers handled?  What is
> grounded and what isn't? 

The problem I was having was figuring out what to do with the ground 
wire on the plug, so last night I decided to ignore it for the time being.  
After that, everything seemed to work, so to answer my own question, 
the primaries are wired in parallel and the secondaries are wired in 
series (that I knew).  Each transformer in line is phased opposite of the 
one next to it, just like I had with only two hooked in series, only I didn't 
ground any of the inter-transformer connections.

The only caveat I can see is that the secondary windings on some of 
the microwave transformers are tied to the core, so the transformer 
cases are "hot" relative to ground and to each other.  I noticed some 
inter-transformer sparking (which I didn't have before since the 
transformers were grounded), so I'm going to have to move the 
transformers apart a little bit.  Other than that, everything seemed to 
work fine.  I still need to get a better way to control the current...right 
now I'm using a 1200W quartz heater in series with the line voltage to 
keep from tripping the circuit breaker.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)