Pulse Forming Network

>I just got a piece of electrical equipment for free that I thought may be
>useful for coiling.  It is called a "Pulse Forming Network".  It is a
>black box about 1 foot square and about 18" long.  It has two studs labeled
>input and output on top (the studs look more like oil filler plugs than 
>electrical connections, except that they are insulated from the case), and
>there is a high voltage insulator coming out the side.  It was made by
>sprague.  My question is does anyone know what this thing is?
	Sprague does...  8)>>
	Presumably its purchaser, who might well be military.
	I've gotoneor two kicking around.
	Its VERY likely to be full of PCBs, whatever else it contains.
	Usual contetns are a network of R, L and C, designed to make a specific
	pulse shape, in some long forgotten piece of gear.

>Do they think it would have any use?
	Might. Without the data, and getting that is tricky, one would have to
	throw some pulses at it and try to figger our what is inside.  Probably
	some good bits, but the PCBs make me nervous...