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TE>Quoting Mark Conway

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TE> MC> I cant locate any aluminium flashing over here but I can get
TE> MC> copper flashing ( 12 inches wide and 0.08mm thick (what you would
TE> MC> call about 4 mils thick)- a bit thinner than the 10mil aluminium
TE> MC> flashing you use over there). Do you think that it will be ok?

TE>Yes, this substitution will work just fine.

I have always used "kitchen" aluminium foil. It comes in long
convenient rolls and is cheap. There are various grades, but by
looking around you can usually find one that is "heavy grade".

I'm sure the stuff we buy is more than 4 mils (is'nt 1 'mil' = to
a 1 thousandth of an inch ?) thick. More like 10 thou.

The term "flashing" is understood here (in New Zealand) to mean
rather thick aluminium sheeting that is used as a water sheild
around window openings etc. This is about 1 - 1.5 mm thick, too
thick for caps.

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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