Fiction.. ;-)

CH>Found this.
CH>I sorta dislike historical novels, since the "novel" gets confused with the

CH>>This Sunday, December 4th, on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition",
CH>>host Liane Hansen speaks with author Tad Wise about his biographical
CH>>novel on the mysterious inventor Nikola Tesla. The interview will air at
CH>>approx. 8:45 am Eastern Time, repeated at 10:45 and 12:45. Call your
CH>>local public radio station and ask them when the "C-1" segment of the
CH>>program airs.
CH>>--Ned Wharton
CH>>Associate Producer/Director
CH>>"Weekend Edition/Sunday"

Is this "novel" really a new biography of Tesla?
	Its a novel.  Fiction.

>Has anyone read it ?
	I have not.

>Is it any good ?
	As a novel?

	As a biography, its fiction.

	Its hard enough now to sort out what happened in Nikola Tesla's life.
	Now we have what the author think maybe Tesla might have said, if
	Tesla thought like the author.  This is bound to add to the confusion.
	I'd much rather have the author simply right a new biography.
	(The author is, of course, free to do exactly as he pleases...)