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CH>Found this.
CH>I sorta dislike historical novels, since the "novel" gets confused with the

CH>>This Sunday, December 4th, on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition",
CH>>host Liane Hansen speaks with author Tad Wise about his biographical
CH>>novel on the mysterious inventor Nikola Tesla. The interview will air at
CH>>approx. 8:45 am Eastern Time, repeated at 10:45 and 12:45. Call your
CH>>local public radio station and ask them when the "C-1" segment of the
CH>>program airs.
CH>>--Ned Wharton
CH>>Associate Producer/Director
CH>>"Weekend Edition/Sunday"

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Is this "novel" really a new biography of Tesla ? Has anyone read
it ? Is it any good ? Is "TAD WISE" really the authour's name ?

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