Re: Subject not parsed

> Where would I buy this program (TC TUTOR) from ?

I've seen it from either the International Tesla Society, INC, (ITS) P.O. 
Box 5636, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80931, or the Tesla Book 
Company, PO BOX 121873, CHULA VISTA, CA. 91912 (1-800-398-2056)

> Is it (Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils) available in "good technical book" 
> stores or must I go to some specialist shop only?

I got mine from the Tesla Book Company mentioned above.  I doubt that 
you would find it in a good "technical book" store.

> He gets a 3 foot arc from 8Kv input. The secondary is about 4 feet
> high and 10 inch diameter.

8kV at what current?

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)