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[lots of excellent detail edited for space]

TE>>   Given the frequency, coil size, and number of turns, find the
TE>>   inductance.  Then calculate the capacitance that is needed to make the
TE>>   LC secondary circuit oscillate at the desired frequency.
TE>    hmmmm?  Usual secondary has no capacitors, per se.  Soem model it as
TE>    the inductance and teh stray capacitance.  Some treat it as a helical
TE>    resonator.  The second apprach is the one i fancy, as do the Corum's.

Your explaination of the way to go about "designing" a Tesla coil
is excellent. How many have you made ? :-)

TE> Matching [the primary] to power transformer secondary is nice, but

How would one actually achieve this ?

TE>    I reccomend TC TUTOR, by the Corum brothers, runs on a PC.  There

Where would I buy this program from ?

TE>    are other desing sw packages that may be of assistance.  For

Can you give us a short list of the software thats available ?

TE>    understanding Corum's Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils is good.  Poor title
TE>    as it is about key elements of ALL coils.

I've seen others reference this book (e.g Richard Quick). Is it
available in "good technical book" stores or must I go to some
specialist shop only ?

TE>    DO not skimp on secondary wiore size.  #22 is ok.  Some do #30.  Too
TE>    small.

An acquaintance of mine wound a coil by winding two wires onto a
former next to each other (these's a special term for that -
can't remember). When fully wound he placed the coil upright then
let one of the ends go. In very short time he had a coil with
neat spaced out turns ! (and a lot of useless wire at his feet) A
layer of epoxy finished it off. He gets a 3 foot arc from 8Kv
input. The secondary is about 4 feet high and 10 inch diameter.

TE>    Consider making mechanical arrangements for a tertiary coil...

Are you talking here about a "magnifier" coil ?

TE>    regards
TE>    dwp

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz>

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