Terrible Torroid

With regards to this giant torroid detuning the secondary, I am hesitant 
to believe this. for 2 reasons.

1) My prior experience with this coil being detuned is that I get pretty
bad arcing from primary to secondary and when I added the torroid, this 
did not happen.

2) My expectations of slightly detuning a Tesla coil is more along the 
lines of as you detune it, the spark length decreases. Just the same, as 
you tune it, spark length increases, and when at resonance, spark length 
is maximum.

What occurred is when the torroid was added, there was simply no 
secondary sparking at all. However sometime when I would first turn on 
the coil I would get a long streamer out of the torroid! But within 1 - 2 
seconds it would vanish completely.

Is this bizzare or what?

Dan, (kasper-at-kaiwan-dot-com)