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TE>From kasper-at-kaiwan-dot-com Thu Dec  1 01:14 MST 1994

TE>Why don't you ask everyone on the list to submit 5 questions that would
TE>be good additions to the Tesla FAQ you are so feverishly working on?
TE>Dan Krones

TE>Good idea.  How about it folks?  What questions do you have that would
TE>fit in the scope of this list?


The hardest thing is to tie everything together all at once when
deciding on the parameters to incorporate in your next coil.

There are a number of "main things" then some lesser things and
so on down to the last least important aspect. If these could be
listed out in order of relative priority it would make the job
easier. The other less important things can be tweaked later if

The postings from pierson-at-cimcad.enet.dec-dot-com recently came close
to a list but it needs some refinement.

All of us have designed and wound coils at some time and then go
on to build another and yet another because it's a learning
process of getting on top of one aspect(s) each time. A list of
points in their proper priority would be a real boon.

Right. Thats my first question, and now for the other 4 .......


Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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