FAQ questions

1. What's an easy way to determine the resonant frequency of the 
secondary winding?

2. How can I tune the primary tank to be in the ballpark of the secondary? 
(close enough that by changing the turns of the primary will tune it up)

3. What's a basic schematic for hooking up a spark gap Tesla Coil? (I 
would be happy to provide an Orcad schematic)

4. Where can I buy Tesla Coil parts from?

5. How do I determine how big to make the secondary?

I would suggest that you choose which questions you like (from all the 
responses), and then one by one ask the gang.  Then you can summarize 
the best answer(s) and use those in the FAQ.

Dan Krones
NOTE: I am posting this for comments.  I will start work on gathering
info to put together the FAQ as time permits.