Re: Secondaries

Hi Chip,

I really don't know much about the variables in these curcuits yet. 
Did you try to get in touch with John Couture about it? All I know to do is
follow the parameters the software is giving me. I will be rather torqued if
this thing doesn't work. I have noticed that Couture's stuff tends to be
pretty high end technical engineering stuff. I'm not an engineer, so I only
get so far in his books and then I get into stuff that I really don't care about at this point.
If you know of some more practical resources please let me know. I am trying 
to understand more about these variables as I go along. I'm also looking for
building tips and parts resources. A current book of this kind of thing would
be great.
I'm also trying to find a source for the Electronic Hobbyist's Handbook, Spring
1994. The TCBA Newsletter said that this issue had plans for a Jacob's Ladder.
None of the bookstores around here have it. Even the publisher's name would