Packet: TYRELL
Date: 04-20-94 (06:50)             Number: 0
From: CSHIELDS                     Refer#: 1
  To: tesla-at-objinc-dot-com              Recvd: NO (PVT)
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Hi, Chip. My name is Mark. Ijust recently joined TCBA and saw your
message in the newsletter. I'm working on my first coil right now.
Still in the research phase and do I have questions. Such as: Does it
matter if the capacitor is AC or DC and what is the difference, anyway?

Hi Mark,
        My name is Craig Shields, and I am also working on my first
coil.  On the capacitors, mostly they are rated in DC current capacity,
which does not apply to AC tesla circuit operation.  A capacitor rated
at 20KVDC is only good for about 5KVAC in a Tesla coil.  I will be
making my own capacitors using polyethylene sheeting, mineral oil and
aluminum for the plates.  I have found that commercially available
capacitors of the needed voltage are way too expensive for me to burn
one up ($95+ each).  The Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond have an
excellent video tape of how to build capacitors.

More to come later on....

Craig Shields

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