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Also, I thought the RMS/Peak-to-peak voltage measurement went the 
other way.  I know that for standard house current, the 120V is really an 
RMS (Root Mean Square = average) measurement, which would always 
be less than the peak voltage.  Since house current is a sine wave, the 
peak voltage is sqrt(2) * RMS_voltage, and the peak-to-peak voltage is 
about 340V.  I always assumed that a transformer that was rated at 
12KV meant RMS volts?

Re caps: one rule of thumb that I've heard is that your caps should be 
rated for at least 2.5 x your primary voltage.  Also, the voltage across 
the caps can  be many times the input voltage due to resonance 
effects, not just the supply voltage.

                Steve Roys
Steven Roys (sroys-at-anchorage.ab.umd.edu)